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About gr8vine, The Basics

gr8vine is an information network for consumer product reviews. Think of it as facebook or twitter, but where every post is a friend's review of a product.

You can come to our site to research something you’re interested in buying, to write a review, or to simply browse what your friends are saying about products on the market.

We all leverage the knowledge of others to inform our purchasing choices. Most people who do online shopping will read user reviews on the retailer's site before buying a particular product. Unfortunately, reviews created by anonymous strangers are less reliable than reviews that come from people you know, which is why most of us rely more on recommendations from friends and acquaintances.

gr8vine captures the power of your social network to improve your shopping research, and to give you more confidence when making a purchase.

Each time you visit you’ll see a news feed of recent reviews from your network. This is a place to easily see what your network has been talking about.

Writing a review yourself is easy: just search for the product and click on the results to go to a specific product page to give it a star rating (out of 5 stars). You can then write a quick note to go along with your rating, or provide a more detailed explanation of your experience with the product. Your review is there to help your friends, so you can make it as long or short as you want.

And that's pretty much it. You're off and running with gr8vine!